Elementary school teachers, Meg and Mary-Katherine, started their BeScentered Spritzes and Linger Line Roll-ons in response to their busy lives. They noticed that all other senses were used in the classroom and wondered if the sense of smell could help with focus, attention, and peace. They wanted to find a new tool to help themselves and others be present - be centered - amidst the chaos - both in the classroom and in their lives after school. As fans of quality perfumes, they knew that for centuries, scents have been used to lift and transform. After months of discovery and beta-testing in their Bay Area Scent*Lab, B*Positive, B*Awake, and B*Present were born.


Inspired by an English rose garden.
Floral tones of jasmine, neroli, rose, and ylang ylang.
Enhances optimism and lifts spirits.


Inspired by the beautiful seaside town of Sorrento, Italy.
Citrus notes of lemongrass, lime, and bergamot.
Enlivens mood and refreshes energy.


Inspired by springtime in New England.
Earthy accents of sandalwood, floral tones of lilac, and citrus notes of lemon.
Encourages possibility and joyfulness.